Run, Brie.


Progress on my 2022 Running Goals

This year, I have two running goals that I will be working towards:

Additionally, I am going to keep doing the Crush Your Core program on Peloton with Emma Lovewell on repeat.

You can follow me on Strava.

January | 5K


On Saturday, 1 January 2022 I ran in the New Year's Resolution Run along the Panhandle Trail in Oakdale, PA. The weather was 54° F/12° C and raining the entire time. I finished in 32:12. Sign in to Strava and check out the activity.

Race Day Goals

I met the goals that I set for race day: Map of Janury 2022 5K in Oakdale courtesy of

February | 5K


On Saturday, February 12th, 2022, I ran in the Cupid's Chase 5K along the North Shore in Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park upriver along the Allegheny towards Washington's Landing and back. The weather was 35° F/1° C. I finished in 33:37, stopping only to tie my shoe.

We got to enjoy a gorgeous view of PNC Park from the Left Field Lounge following the race. Sign in to Strava and check out the activity.

Map of February 2022 5K in Pittsburgh courtesy of



On Wednesday, March 16th, 2022, I went for an impromptu run. I ran in Coraopolis, using the Coraopolis Bridge to cross the Ohio River back channel to Neville Island and back. The weather was sunny and 64 °F/17 °C. I ran 3.4 miles/5.5 kilometers in 38:49.

Sign in to Strava and check out the activity.

Map of March run in Coraopolis courtesy of



The Pittsburgh Pirates have an event with 5K and 10K options. If I am ahead of schedule, I could knock the 10K out here. Alternately, the Pittsburgh Marathon 5K is April 30 with an interesting route that I am seriously considering. The Boston Trail Half Marathon has a 5K component on April 23.









The Moraine Regatta 5K could be fun.

Just for fun, I am considering the Night Nation Run, described as "the world first running music festival". So, I guess we'll see what that's about but the swag looks super cool. As of 1 February 2022, registration is now available but I will still wait a while to register.



It seems very reasonable for the City of Pittsburgh Great Race to be a 10K candidate.



The ✈️ FlyBy 5K lets you run on the tarmac at Pittsburgh International Airport. That's what I'll be doing in October.





Interesting races around the area

Crush Your Core

I finished my first ever round of Peloton's Crush Your Core program with Emma Lovewell on January 1, 2022. I really enjoyed the program so I intend to repeat it through out 2022. My progress on this goal:


If I meet these goals, I will celebrate. A few ideas I have for celebrations include:

It probably makes the most sense to get these prints done of the 10K that I do, unless there's an especially meaningful 5K.

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